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Bespoke tailoring course

"I'm grateful to have had many outstanding mentors along the way. Equally so - I'm grateful for the drive I have to continually learn."

- Allan David Sinclair


Tailor shop needle

"My journey into bespoke tailoring began in Halifax, Nova Scotia while working as a sales associate for Dugger's Menswear. My experience working there was invaluable as an initial foray into fashion, menswear & tailoring. My interest in clothing began to kindle from enthusiasm to passion.


I took it upon myself to learn how to sew. Those early days were modest and humble - learning the basics at home on evenings and weekends. However, at this time, I was fortunate enough to befriend local clothing designer Catherine Arsenault, who became a real mentor and lifelong friend. She was willing to share her knowledge and enthusiasm for the craft."

Made to Measure suits
Made to measure suits


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"In 2014, I turned my passion project toward a career and enrolled in the Costume Studies program at Dalhousie University. With a focus on theatrical arts - The program provided an excellent breadth of knowledge in both historical & contemporary methods of garment construction. The historical perspective provided the context & fundamental techniques needed to understand modern clothing manufacturing practices. In hindsight, this was an ideal launchpad for my future endeavours into bespoke tailoring."

Custom made corset
Custom Made Ballgown


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"After graduating, I set my sights on England - the epicentre for master bespoke tailoring. The world looks to Savile Row for international standards of craftsmanship & is the birthplace from which all other tailoring styles derive. 


I was fortunate to be taken on as an apprentice by third-generation tailor Desmond Merrion. With over 40 years of experience - He is a man who is deeply dedicated to preserving the art & craft of bespoke tailoring and is committed to providing the absolute highest quality. He was generous to share his hard-earned knowledge and trade secrets. My time in his shop was the authentic, real-world experience I needed."

Savile Row Tailor
Tailoring Course


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"Upon returning to Canada, I chose to settle in Calgary, Alberta. Having grown up in Northern BC and loving the outdoors, Calgary - nestled next to the Rockie Mountains - seemed like a natural fit. It presents as a place where opportunity abounds, and young aspiring creatives can make a life and career for themselves. I took the leap in the autumn of 2019 and launched Allan David Bespoke Tailoring. "

Tailor Made Denim
Custom Denim Calgary
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