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Custom Tailor Shop

"A workroom has a life of its own. It comes alive when each tool & piece of machinery 
work together toward a collective goal." 

- Allan David Sinclair

made in-house

Handmade in house

The term 'made in-house' is traditionally used by bespoke tailoring houses to illustrate that their work is done within their organization and by their craftspeople. Allan David Sinclair makes all his products from beginning to end in his workroom. This level of oversight provides him with complete control of craftsmanship and quality. There is no dependence upon external parties. This dynamic keeps him motivated, focused and honest.

Made in House
Tools & machinery

tools & machinery

Bespoke tailor tools

A craftsperson is nothing without their tools. Whether specialized industrial machinery or traditional hand tools - quality equipment is essential when producing high-end garments. The execution of the bespoke process is mainly by hand with the assistance of hand tools. Machinery is employed where it is advantageous.

Custom Tailor shop machine
Custom tailor shop tool
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