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"Garments are nothing without the quality of the cloth. Woven into its fabric is the heritage of a mill and generations of its craftspeople."  

- Allan David Sinclair

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Scabal is a Belgium Company initially founded in 1939 by Otto Hertz. For 80 years, they have been distributing luxury cloth to tailors and garment manufacturers on an international scale. Their fabric mill is based out of Yorkshire, England.

Holland & Sherry is a  London-based company initially founded in 1836 by Stephen Holland & Frederick Sherry. Their head office remains on Savile Row since 1982.

Thomas Mason is an Italian mill which was initially founded in 1796 in Leeds, England, by the industrialist Thomas Mason.  Now based in Italy, their mill upholds Italian standards for quality while preserving its British heritage.

Moon is a West Yorkshire mill that was initially founded in 1837 by Abraham Moon. They remain one of the last vertical mills in Great Britain. From dying the raw wool to weaving the final product, they oversee every step of the manufacturing process.

Dugdale Bros & Co was initially founded in 1896 by Henry Percy & Frederick Dugdale. Standing the test of time, their mill started and remains in Huddersfield - Great Britain's epicentre for fine worsted wool manufacturing.

Fox Brothers & Co. was initially founded in 1772 when Thomas Fox joined his grandfather's weaving company in Somerset, Great Britian. For over a century they have specialized in producing wool flannels.

Harrisons was initially founded in 1863 by Sir George Harrisons of North Bridge, Edinburgh. For over a century, they have evolved & persevered as a leading producer of luxury British suiting fabrics.

Alumo is a Swiss mill initially founded in 1918 by Carl Albrecht. Robert Morgan joined the company in 1941, and the name later evolved into a combination of the founder's names - Alumo.

Standeven was founded in 1885 by John William Standeven & Sam Earnshaw near Halifax, Great Britain. They have remained a top contender in the world of luxury cloth producers for over a century.

Barrington Fabrics Ltd. is a family-run English business that was established in only 1990. They have quickly grown into a leading distributor of suiting fabrics in the United Kingdom.

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