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Custom Wool Overshirt

"When it comes to the make of a shirt I always keep in mind its versatility & function. Every style serves its own purpose."

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- Allan David Sinclair


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When tailoring a dress shirt, consideration for style and comfort is essential. For the sake of function, the cut of this classic style has a longer body to allow for extra movement when tucked. For design, there is a choice of various cuff styles (angled, round, square, or french cuff), collar styles (straight point, semi-spread, cutaway, button down, club, or long-point), and luxury cloth options. 

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Bespoke Dress Shirt
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The option for casual is simply a reminder that a button-down shirt is extremely versatile. You can easily create a relaxed look depending on how you style it. When it comes to tailoring a more casual look - your choice of collar, cuff & cloth can drastically affect the overall feel. Linens, looser weaves, patterns, or a more alternative collar or cuff are just a few examples. 

Custom Tailored Shirts
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Historically, the archetypal design of a Western shirt was purely functional & intended for the industrious lifestyle of a cowboy. The traditional pointed yoke provided extra durability, while the longer back prevented the shirt from getting untucked while on horseback. Today, you can find iterations of Western flare throughout the fashion world - perhaps a draw toward a more rugged time. 


The potential for diversity within the design of a Western shirt is endless, and we are here to help. Whether simplified, embellished or kept traditional - we will create a unique look that truly reflects our client. 

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Custom Tailored Western Shirt
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melton wool

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Rugged and hardwearing, our heavyweight Melton wool shirts are the perfect choice for an outdoor adventure or a stylish mid-layer out on the town. Customize your shirt and select the cuff, collar and hardware style. Select your colour from the incredible melton collection by UK mill Abraham Moon & Sons. They are the last standing vertical mill in Great Britain - a traditional manufacturing style that follows sustainable and ethical practices where every process phase remains in-house. The tactile quality of their wool is exceptional. 

Melton Wool Shirt
Modern Melton Shirt
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custom Melton wool overshirt
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