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"Selvedge denim has a reputation for superiority amongst denim enthusiasts, including myself.
I can't help but want to work with it."

Bespoke Tailors Shears

- Allan David Sinclair

preserving quality


Salvage denim tells a story of the preservation of both tradition & quality. The history of denim, and what would later become known as the blue jean, goes back to the late 19th century. Dry goods store owner Levi Strauss & tailor Jacob W. Davis collaborated to produce sturdy workwear for labour workers of the American West.


Denim's first iteration was far from what we know today. Dissimilar to indigo-dyed denim, it began as cotton's natural, raw off-white colour. Another differentiating feature was the weaving process, which used narrow shuttle looms. Although time-consuming, the process created a tight & dense weave with a 'self-finished edge.' These characteristics would later define salvage denim as superior in quality.

Blue jeans became increasingly popular through the 1950s and 1960s. More efficient projectile looms began to replace the shuttle loom to meet the evolving demand, and ultimately, the quality started to wane. While denim and its cultural significance were born in the American West, Japan carried forward its traditions.


American denim was increasingly popular in Japan and the rest of the world during the 1960s. Its manufacturers scaled up production and utilized more efficient methods. While Japan, a culture that deeply values the art of craftsmanship & quality,  preserved the traditional methods and began its own production of selvedge denim using shuttle looms. 


It was only a short time before Japanese weavers matched and surpassed the calibre of American manufacturers. Today, it is home to most of the world's old-school shuttle looms & globally regarded as some of the top producers of salvage denim. 

Selvedge Denim Calgary

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Our denim jacket & jeans are expertly hand-crafted right here in Calgary, AB. Each piece is made-to-order using top-quality Japanese selvedge denim. The design is single-needle stitched, with triple-stitched hand-felled seams to ensure durability. 

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