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Bespoke Tailoring Process
Custom Tailor Shears

"As a bespoke tailor, one of my greatest pleasures is first to recognize a client's vision and then to bring that vision to life."

Bespoke Tailor shears

- Allan David Sinclair


Private Consultaion

The bespoke process begins with the initial consultation. Clients are seen privately and by appointment, which ensures our meeting is comprehensive. During this time, I  will gain an understanding of the garment's intended purpose. We select lining & cloth from a wide range of luxury fabric mills. Additionally, I take a complete set of measurements while taking note of stance and posture.

Bespoke Tailor Measurementss

pattern drafting

Custom made suit pattern

After the initial consultation, the work truly begins. I start by drafting a unique pattern which mimics my client's anatomy. The hand-crafted design is one distinguishing characteristic that elevates the bespoke suit as a luxury good. Suits that are made-to-measure or produced in a factory will use stock and block designs. 

Pattern Drafting
Custom Suits Patterns

mark, cut & trim

Handmade suits

Next, I methodically mark the pattern on the cloth. To increase the accuracy at this stage, I take note of the individual physicality of the client. With a steady hand & quality sheers, I begin to cut. Precision is paramount. All trimmings, linings and body canvas are now ready to assemble. 

Mark, Cut, Trim
Custom Tailoring Work
Bespoke Tailoring Work
First Fitting

first fitting

Custom fitted suits

The client is now invited back for their first fitting. We assess the overall fit and mark out necessary alterations where critical areas of observation are the collar, shoulders and balance. If they desire, I also note and alter any style elements. The suit is coming to life.

Custom Tailored Suits
Made to Measure Suits

rip, cut & smooth

Hand cut and sew suits

This stage involves complete deconstruction and reconstruction with all alterations considered. The garment is now ready to be re-cut & the finer construction begins. All style details and client preferences are kept in mind when put together. 

Rip, Cut, Smooth
Made to Measure Suit
Custom Suit Calgary

second fitting

Custom fit suits

At this stage, a second fitting is integral to confirm previous alterations. Close to completion, the suit is now ready for fine hand-finishing. For a fully bespoke order - edges, linings & buttonholes are entirely hand-finished. Only the collar, sleeves, and finishing remain.

Second Fitting
Bespoke Suits
Bespoke Suits Calgary

final product

Handmade tailored suits

The bespoke suit is now complete and ready to be picked up. The client is welcome to try on the finished piece to ensure everything is to their satisfaction. A completed piece will only leave my shop once my client is pleased with the results. 

Final Fitting
Custom Wedding Suits
Custom Wedding Suits
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