Allan David Bespoke on the CBC!

This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with CBC Calgary about Allan David Bespoke:

We spoke about the changing narrative around face masks today. From faux pas to fashionable, are masks becoming the new accessory?

Recently, I felt compelled to use my skills to help with Covid-19 efforts. At first, I began making cloth face masks with spare cloth. The response was very positive... so positive, in fact, that after making and distributing over 400 masks around Canada, I ran out of fabric.

Now, after researching mask specifications set by Health Canada, I have refined my process. The new line of masks is made from 100% Swiss cotton with three-layer construction and soft elastic ear loops - designed to be stylish and comfortable. As with everything in my product line, the masks are constructed with high-end tailoring standards.

The masks are $25 each, with $5/mask going to Calgary Health Trust to help fight Covid-19.

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