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A labour of love, our Midlander denim jacket is a thing of beauty - expertly hand-crafted in Calgary, Alberta. Each Jacket is made-to-order using only the highest quality selvedge denim. For durability, the design is entirely single-need stitched, with triple-stitched hand-felled seams. Set in by hand, the two-piece sleeve follows the natural curvature of the arm - a feature you will not find in any factory-made jacket. With four exterior pockets and two inside the Midlander is as functional as it is stylish.


Selvedge denim is highly regarded by denim enthusiasts and is considered the highest-quality denim produced in the world. The production of selvedge denim still takes place on vintage shuttle looms. Although less productive, the traditional weaving process preserves the material's most notable characteristics. Authentic selvedge denim comes raw and untreated. At first, the cloth is rigid but softens as it wears creating unique and beautiful fades.


We source our selvedge denim fabrics from the world's best manufacturers. We use 'deadstock' fabrics - materials no longer in production by fashion labels. Deadstock fabrics are a sustainable choice, as the material is given new life by avoiding the landfill. It also allows us to purchase in smaller quantities than would otherwise be possible from large-scale manufacturers.


If you require custom sizing not listed here, please contact us. We would be more than happy to help you out.

Midlander Denim Jacket

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