Our full bespoke option is guided by the standards set out by the Savile Rowe Tailoring association in London. It represents the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. Almost the entire suit is made by hand with the exception of long seams and areas where a machine stitch is best. The finished product requires over 80 hours of manual labour, excluding pattern cutting and fittings. Bespoke is the pinnacle of sartorial excellence.


All clients receive an individual personalized pattern kept on hand and updated as necessary. Each full bespoke suit requires three fittings: skeleton baste and forward fitting and final fitting. Clients choose from a vast array of cloth, style details, and finishings.  


Everything is made 100% onsite in Calgary Alberta, by Allan David.



- a fully handmade and shaped floating canvas through the front -  the most important element of any bespoke tailored coat. 

- hand-finished edges

- hand padded collar, lapels, and chest canvas

- hand buttonholes 

- hand felled lining

- working cuffs and real buffalo horn buttons



- fully hand finished

- hand stitched hem


Lead time is approximately 8-12 weeks to completion.


If you have any questions please get in touch. Thank you

Full Bespoke 2 Piece