Autumnal Vibes

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

It would be a vast understatement if I said autumn wasn’t my favourite season. Perhaps it’s the most dramatic change of season. The transition from once green foliage to spectacular shades of yellow, orange and red seems to happen so suddenly. We all know it’s a fleeting a moment before the temperature cools even more and some gusty winds blow the trees bare. For a brief moment, we experience some of the most beautiful displays of colours, as each tree takes its own journey towards winter.

Its not just the change of colours, but the cooler weather is more than welcome after the intense August heat. It’s time to start layering up again, working in heavier knits and sweaters into the wardrobe. Personally, I am all too excited, to begin with, accessories of scarfs, hats and gloves. Combined all together, I feel a sense of comfort, a cosiness, and even a sense of protection. There perhaps is no better experience than being bundled up and out for a beautiful walk on a cool autumn day, the crisp air at your nose, sun shining through the trees and the crunch of leaves under your feet. For certain, this is my truth.

Keeping in line with the seasons we have also released some new colours for our face masks. A beautiful hunter green, a deep brick red, and a very sensible grey glen check. We will be offering more colours of masks soon. You’ll have plenty of options for planning your fall outfits. Perhaps it’s worth mentioning again but we have just made another $1000 Calgary Health Trust, for a total of $3000 to date. Your support makes this happen, so a big thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way. We will continue to donate 20% of proceeds as long as we are selling masks. We are now also offering $5 nationwide shipping.

I sincerely wish everyone health and wellness to come. I hope you all have a magical fall season.

Allan David

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