Custom Tailored Dress Shirts

Finest Custom Tailored Dress Shirts in Alberta

Allan David Bespoke Tailoring is you number on stop for high quality custom tailored dress shirts in Alberta. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality and best fitting dress shirt money can buy. What makes Allan David Bespoke Tailoring different than other tailoring services?


In House


Every single custom tailored dress shirt is made in house, right here in Calgary, Alberta, by Allan David himself. From the initial consultation to final delivery Allan David personally attends to every detail. Not one single stitched is outsourced to a factory. Other Custom tailors in town only take your measurements and let you choose the cloth in house, but have the “custom” dress shirt made in a factory over seas. Needless to say this results in an inferior product and overall client dissatisfaction. Rest assured you’re getting the highest quality and best customer service when you get a custom tailored dress shirt from Allan David Bespoke Tailoring.




We only use the finest natural materials from the worlds more renowned fabric mills. All of our premium dress shirt cloths are direct from Italy or Switzerland. We have a large range of dress shirting fabrics made from the finest Egyptian cottons, Irish linens, silk, wools and more. Wether is a crisp white dress shirt for the office or a rugged over shirt to take camping, we’ve got you covered. Whatever your wants and desires we have a cloth to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on taking care of the details, that’s why every custom tailored dress shirt is hand finished with exquisite mother of pearl buttons. Only the best will do at Allan David Bespoke Tailoring.




When you order a custom dress shirt from Allan David Bespoke Tailoring you have control over every aspect. You can select a vast range of different style details to suit your unique personality and lifestyle. Each dress shirt is a collaboration between tailor and client.


The Fit


Achieving the perfect fit is paramount at Allan David Bespoke Tailoring. This is just as true for custom tailored dress shirts as it is for custom suits. We want you looking your best no matter what. We start the process of a custom dress shirt the same as we do  with a custom suit. We first start with a unique personal pattern for each client. We then prepare a muslin fitting and call the client back to try on. The muslin fitting is not something done by most other tailoring services as it requires more time and work. Here at Allan David Bespoke Tailoring we feel it is crucial to ensure we achieve a perfect fit every time. After completing the final fitting the muslin is discarded and the final custom dress shirts are made in the proper cloth selected by the client. Subsequent custom dress shirt orders do not require any fitting as long as the client is a similar size.


The Service


We don’t only want to make you the perfect custom dress shirt, we also want to give you the ultimate customer experience. That is why we work strictly by appointment in order to give each client an exclusive and personalized service. Clothing is personal, and so I our custom tailoring service. If you have any special requests or interesting ideas for your custom dress shirt we want to hear them.


If you’re looking for exceptional custom tailored dress shirts or suits please give us a call.

We would be delighted to assist you with all your custom tailoring needs.