Custom Made Tailored Suits

Calgary's Finest Custom Made tailored suit

At Allan David Bespoke Tailoring we pride ourselves on providing the finest customer experience possible. Unlike other tailor shops, our tailoring serving works strictly by appointment to guarantee a private and exclusive experience for our clients. That is why we only take clients by appointment one at a a time. By taking the time to see each client individually we can take the time to understand their needs and preferences and create the ultimate customer experience and custom made suit.


Here at Allan David Bespoke our mantra is “Do Good Work”. This is what we put into every custom made tailored suit we make. It’s no secrete, at least no to us, that it simply takes time to Do Good Work. Thats why we take the time to get it right. We not only take the time to get to know our clients and understand their needs, we also take the time to provide the highest quality custom made suit available. Allan David Bespoke Tailoring strives to be the very best custom tailoring service Alberta Has to offer.


Every custom made tailored suit we make is made  in house, right here in Calgary, Alberta by Allan David himself. Not a single stitch is outsourced. This was Allan David Bespoke Tailoring is able to maintain a high level of quality and consistency every step of the way. There simply is no other tailor shop in town that can compare to the level of quality and customer service offered by Allan David Bespoke Tailoring.



What makes a custom tailored suit from Allan David Bespoke Tailoring different? It’s the time and attention paid to every detail, every step of the way. Allan David trained under a master Savile Row Tailor in Leeds UK. During his training Allan David learned the craft of traditional English bespoke tailoring. Only through years of study and practice did Allan David refine his technique and skill to one day call himself a bespoke tailor.


A custom made tailored suit by Allan David Bespoke Tailoring is unlike any suit you can find off the rack in stores. Using traditional methods and techniques each custom tailored suit is individually handcrafted around the clients body. Taking into account a clients physique and posture Allan David Bespoke Tailoring is able to craft a garment that is truly personal. Each custom tailored suit is unique in this way.